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Rob Waring


Dr. Rob Waring is Professor at Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama, Japan. He is an acknowledged expert in Extensive Reading and second language vocabulary acquisition. He holds a Ph.D. in vocabulary acquisition from the University of Wales in the UK. He has published over 60 articles and has lectured in 19 countries on foreign and second language acquisition and given over 50 plenary or Featured Speaker talks around the world. He has written, edited or was series editor for many best-selling series of graded readers for both Heinle Cengage and Seed Learning.

He is an Executive Board member of the Extensive Reading Foundation, Vice Chair of the Korean English Extensive Reading Association and liaison for the Taiwan Extensive Reading Association, the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association among others, and was Co-Chair of the Second World Congress on Extensive Reading in Seoul, Korea in 2013. He is the administrator and co-founder of the Extensive Reading website

His areas of interest are wide and varied. His primary academic interests are in the relationship between vocabulary acquisition and reading and in Extensive Reading. He has recently been exploring the rate of uptake of vocabulary from reading and how that affects pedagogy in terms of the amount and type of reading that should be done to master the vocabulary. His recent research has shown that much of what we have taken as received wisdom in reading volumes has been to some extent misguided. Another area of interest is in curriculum development.

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