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Top-Up Listening 3 Second Edition | Text/Audio CD

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Top-Up Listening 3 Second Edition | Text/Audio CD | ET Book Service


Published by: ABAX


  • Moving beyond classroom English; learning to listen to natural English
  • A 3-part series. For young adult and adult learners of English


The third book in the Top-Up Listening series. Top-Up Listening features English as it is actually spoken—giving students practice in drawing meaning from naturally spoken English in two ways:

• by explicitly developing student knowledge of English conversation patterns or script—helping students with their top-down predictive skills.

• by explicitly developing student knowledge of how English sounds change when spoken in sentences. Helping students understand English as it is actually spoken and helping students recognize language in “chunks.” Whadaweemean? – how words run together, how sounds are lost, how vowels naturally weaken and entire words are dropped. Without knowledge of such patterns, listening is impossible.

Lots of practice! Lots of variety! Lots of listening!

Top-Up brings real life situations into the classroom

  • natural English naturally spoken
  • a wide range of listening types: announcements, newscasts, conversations, service encounters
  • practice in inferencing, practice in using knowledge of context, practice in predicting and checking
  • a wide variety of listening tasks: listening for gist, listening for overall understanding, listening for specific information
  • Listening Clinics: explicitly teaching the sound system of English — how sounds change or are lost or are inserted, how sounds run together
  • Speaking tasks: helping students activate their knowledge and giving students the opportunity to use language from the listening in an active way