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Product:New Finding Out 2 Home Book | Home Book 2, Book series: New Finding Out,Written byDavid Paul, Published byMacmillan


Published by: Language Teaching Professionals

New Finding Out 2

ニュー・ファインディング・アウト 2
David Paul

■ Putting children first, this best-selling five-level course has been thoroughly updated- keeping all the popular elements of the original series, and adding new features to make it more exciting and easier to use for both learners and teachers.

■ Key benefits include:

● a truly child-centered approach where children are encouraged to ‘notice’ and ‘discover’ how language works
● a tried-and-tested approach to phonics designed to meet the needs of young Japanese learners
● a balanced development of all four language skills including meaningful conversation patterns that encourage children to talk
●activities which motivate children to use English to discover the world outside the classroom

■ Course components include:

● a Class Book packaged with My CD, offering students enjoyable out of class listening practice
● a Home Book providing practice of the target language between lessons
● a supportive Teacher’s Book with an introduction to the methodology, teaching notes and photocopiable resources
● a Teacher’s CD-ROM offering a wealth of additional printable/photocopiable materials
● a set of Flashcards to accompany each level of the course