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Fun Kids Songs Vol. 3 | CD

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Fun Kids Songs Vol. 3 | CD | ET Book Service


Published by: Fun Kids English

Fun Kids Songs…fun songs for kids! Full of great language, actions and energy! Kids love Fun Kids Songs! A series of children’s CDs focusing on natural language, useful subject matter and great melodies and music. Covering a wide range of teaching topics from food, weather, body parts, animals, greetings, transportation, everyday verbs, clothing, musical instruments, sports, occupations, colors, numbers, ABCs, phonics, actions and many, many more. Great songs to sing, move, dance and learn to and a winner in any classroom. Fun Kids Songs, sing along!


1. What’s Your Favorite?
2. It’s Bathtime!
3. 1 Hand 2 Hands
4. Flying an Aeroplane
5. I’m Thirsty!
6. Brush My Teeth
7. Everyday
8. Where Are You Going Today?
9. It’s Story Time
10. Around a Circle
11. Singing By Tens
12. Jack & Jill
13. Months of the Year
14. This One
15. Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree
16. Hello, (How Are You?) #2
17. See You Later (See You Again)
18. I’m Thirsty! (You Choose Version)
19. Where Are You Going Today? (You Choose Version)


20. What’s Your Favorite? (You Choose Version)