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Fiction in Action: Whodunit | Text/Notebook/Audio CD | ET Book Service


Published by: ABAX


  • For college and high school level reading classes
  • A coursebook that’s a bridge to extensive reading


What is Fiction in Action?
Fiction in Action: Whodunit? is something not seen before, a textbook designed to act as a bridge to extensive reading. Over 12 units encompassing two original six-chapter stories, the book introduces students to the hows and the pleasures of reading accessible fiction in English

Whodunit focuses on extended and connected passages in one genre – the detective story – familiarizing students with the language, style and literary conventions associated with this form of story. A special feature of the text is tasks that are not merely supportive of but intrinsic to the stories. Having successfully closed the cases in these stories, students can go on to read any other appropriately leveled readers on their own.

This print version is identical to the cc version but is in full color and includes additional listening activities in an audio CD at the back of the book as well as a detective’s notebook where students can note down important details of the cases and record any new words or expressions.

+ Quizzes! Unit quizzes are also available for the print version of Whodunit. If you are a teacher using this book in your classroom, please contact us through our contact page to obtain PDF files of these quizzes.