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Published by Seed Learning
Seed Learning’s Culture Readers: Holidays is a new nonfiction series that explores holidays and festivals celebrated around the world. The series explains important aspects of these holidays including when they are celebrated, how they began, and what people do for them. Readers will get a glimpse into the history and beliefs of different cultures as they learn about dates and times of the year designated for celebrations worldwide. In particular, the series aims to broaden the perspective of learners who may have limited exposure to other cultures by presenting positive and accurate portraits of customs and traditions around the world.
• Provide informative descriptions of how people celebrate cultural or religious holidays and festivals
• Allow learners to develop their reading fluency through extensive reading practice
• Present strictly controlled vocabulary over the graded levels of the series
• Include comprehension questions in each reader to encourage learner accountability
• Highlight both subject-specific and level-appropriate terms in succinct glossary pages
• Suggest additional topics for students to research and discuss on “Teachers’ Notes” pages