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AGO Halloween | Card Game

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AGO Halloween | Card Game | ET Book Service


Published by: AGO

AGO Halloween features 55 colorful jumbo sized playing cards with Halloween related illustrations and “keyword” sentences at the bottom. Central to gameplay is the original concept of “matching keywords” between cards. Players practice speed scanning, grammar and prepositions of place recognition skills as they play. “Pick up” cards and the all new “Magic” action cards make playing lots of fun! “Last Card” (i.e. a crazy 8’s style game) can be played by now matching keywords instead of numbers and colors. Expert players will enjoy playing the new “Speed Match” game which combines speed and strategy.

Included in box: 
55 game cards: 70mmx115mm
47 Keyword cards 
8 Action cards
2 Rule cards in English. See for a Japanese translation. ]

Click here to watch a short slideshow on how to play AGO:


How AGO Works:

AGO focuses the classroom conversation onto a set of everyday questions that are interesting and useful. Players practice asking and answering these questions as they play, and soon it becomes second nature!

As AGO is fun and gets everyone talking, it’s great a way to start a lesson, or play at the end as a reward for hard work in class. Questions pop up in a fairly random order, so AGO is ideal for continuously reviewing material out of sequence. By playing a variety of games, and gradually introducing new cards to the playing deck, it is easy to set the right difficulty progression and swift progress will be made!

Offering AGO to your students individually is an inexpensive but sure way to get them SPEAKING English outside class. It’s homework that is willingly done, and parents are typically surprised to find out that they enjoy playing, too!