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Top Kids

Top Kids

Top Kids is a six-level course for young English language learners. This engaging and instructive course incorporates a systematic double-strand approach to introduce vocabulary and grammar within thematic units graded over six levels.

The double-strand approach to building vocabulary and grammar skills of learners is key to the course. English language learners need to acquire vocabulary in order to comprehend English and participate in classroom discussions, and as well, it is key to reading comprehension. In addition, grammar is central to the teaching and learning of languages as it is the foundation of language.

Top Kids prepares young learners to be able to understand and communicate well in English on a variety of subjects.

Student Books with MP3 CDs
• Top Kids 1 An Introduction to English
• Top Kids 2 Second Steps in English
• Top Kids 3 Personalizing English
• Top Kids 4 Active English
• Top Kids 5 Growing with English
• Top Kids 6 Sharing in English
Workbooks 1-6

Published by Seed Learning

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