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Magic Town

Magic Town

A unique series which combines natural speaking activities with carefully graded phonics teaching so children can learn to read and write with confidence while strengthening speaking ability.

Magic Town has three story books per year which come with a music and story CD for students. There is a Phonics workbook for beginners as well as worksheets. The series comes with lesson plans, sample lesson videos and downloadable Flashcards.

Why Choose Magic Town? 

Educationally Sound Mixed Experience Class Option: Ted’s Magic Pad is designed specifically to allow for mixing students who have experience learning English at the kindergarten age with students who are starting from grade 1.  This is possible through carefully constructed dual level dialogues so students with experience feel challenged and lower level students feel comfortable rather than overwhelmed.  

Lesson Plan Video Support: This curriculum shows all lesson plan elements being taught to actual Japanese students so instructors can see how the lesson plan works with actual Japanese students. 

Online training: Video based online training is also provided to help train all of your teachers if you run multiple schools or if you want to understand the curriculum more deeply. 

Online Home Study Material: Talking flashcards are available for students to watch videos at home for preview and review of class content.  

Very Fun: Students will laugh at the engaging, funny story with the visually easy to understand narrative.

Phonics: Unique phonics teaching which teaches most frequently used spoken patterns first so student can come to write what they can say more quickly. 

High Frequency Language: Students are introduced to the most frequently used language structured in context so students can use it quickly and naturally.  

Work Sheets: Additional worksheets which reinforce class content available for in-class writing practice.

Published by Nuthouse Education

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