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Awesome Adventure

Awesome Adventure

Are you ready for a new approach?

The Awesome Adventure Series is an innovative series that combines:
– Award-Winning Multi-Path Graded Comic Readers
– Great music that children genuinely love
– Creative games, activities and problem solving tasks

This Series will give your students a real reason to COMMUNICATE!

The course emphasizes giving learners comprehensible input, which is considered to be of paramount importance to young language learners, as well as opportunities to notice, practice and use a large range of language over the year. It is a unique course which truly caters to the needs of young language learners. With the aim of motivating young learners at its core, this course is sure to make your students big fans.

Published by AAS Press

Level Age Range CEF Level
Level 1 4-12 Pre-A1
Level 2 4-15 Pre-A1/A1
Level 3 6-15 Pre-A1/A1
Level 4 8-15 Pre-A1/A1

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