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Think, Read, Write

Think, Read, Write


Think Read Write is a 3-level, phonics-based vocabulary series designed to get kids reading and writing with a smile on their face.

The vocabulary, line spacing, activities and font are ideal for children aged 5-10.
Bright, colorful illustrations and a warm, inviting layout will capture your students’ attention and help them to think, read and write with a smile on their face.

Students will learn to write upper- and lower-case letters while always being challenged to think about a letter’s use.

Reading and writing activities on every page help students learn how to construct (writing) and deconstruct (reading) words as they acquire a fundamental knowledge of basic phonics.

Beautiful illustrations of almost 100 words (nouns, verbs, adjectives and more) that children want to learn provide the building blocks for language creation and comprehension.

Published by ELF Learning


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