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Blending a Hand Resource Discs

Blending a Hand Discs

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

For more information and to buy the materials: Contact David Lisgo

All enquiries and communication about shipping, payment etc. . . should be made directly with David Lisgo

This is a free service to support ETJ members. If you are an ETJ member and have developed your own teaching materials, click here to contact Language Teaching Professionals about having your materials included on this site.

Blending a Hand 1

Over 200 Concept Worksheets, 150 well-designed Letter (word-sentence) Formation Worksheets and 26 Learning Letters worksheets; all with a choice of fonts. 3 Bingo games, over 10 Domino games, magic ‘e’ support, over 100 String-a-longs, 11 sets of Paper Chains, 90 Segmentation Puzzles, 80 ‘style’ puzzles. And more. All follow the concepts and sequence of New Finding Out.

Price: ¥3,200 each (for ETJ members)

Blending a Hand 2

150 Coloring Worksheets: 7 picture dictionaries. Over 200 picture based word searches and crosswords to complement Coloring Worksheets. 100 word-sentence formation worksheets in fully decodable sentences. 40 Story Cards, 100% decodable, in 3 levels; “brilliant”! All with a choice of fonts. 30 ‘Dialogue Cards’: takes students from reading to conversation. And more.

Price: ¥3,200 each (for ETJ members)

Blending a Hand 3

120 anchor and 120 picture posters. DIY ‘Switchit’, games; over 1000 phonically regular cards. 4 sets of Gridlock cards; 2 word families and 2 phoneme based. Phoneme and Phonogram cards, sound to spelling and spelling to sound games; great for teachers and students alike. 35 Teacher-Teacher cards; word lists like you’ve never seen before, “Excellent!!!”. And more. All follow the concepts and sequence of New Finding Out.

Price: ¥3,200 each (for ETJ members)

Blending a Hand 4

Hundreds of unique and colourful games, cards and worksheets. Phonic Bingo Collection: 13 terrific bingo games with calling cards and 130 different Bingo boards for students to choose from! DIY Infant & Junior Switchit. Alphabet Tracks: Super board games for teaching vocabulary and letter formation. What’s Red!: A great collection of flash cards & activities for use in your pre-reading program. Plus Much More.

Price: ¥3,200 each (for ETJ members)