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Hot Topics

Hot Topics


Hot Topics is a three-level series that supports development of reading skills and vocabulary and includes interesting and thought-provoking opportunities for oral practice. By using more controversial topics and by presenting and exploring them from different viewpoints, learners are encouraged to form, share, and contest opinions that use the target language.

* Each unit features three related readings on a ‘hot’topic, with each reading more challenging than the previous one
* Develops reading fluency through pre-reading questions, skimming and scanning activities, use of context clues, vocabulary analysis, and development of critical-thinking skills
* Open-ended questions at the end of each unit allow students to form and voice their opinions, and defend their viewpoints through discussion or writing
* ‘hot’ topics include Reality TV, Internet relationships, Psychics, Gambling, and Fame


Download Sample Units: Go to the Cengage Learning website

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