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Gateway to Science

Gateway to Science


Vocabulary and Concepts

Gateway to Science is a unique program designed to introduce students to content-area knowledge and skills needed to meet the requirements of science programs as well as national and state assessments. Using picture dictionary and textbook formats, students acquire key vocabulary, concepts, and learning strategies that help boost their success in science!

* “Focus Question” begins each lesson along with a list of key Vocabulary.
* “Vocabulary in Context” contextualizes words from the vocabulary list in an international reading.
* “Check Your Understanding” questions assess vocabulary and reading comprehension and provide the opportunity to apply knowledge to “Critical Thinking” questions.
* Easy-to-follow charts and graphics visually reinforce concepts.
* The “Science Skill” section focuses on building graphic literacy skills.
* The “Academic Vocabulary” box introduces vocabulary related to content words across all academic disciplines.
* “Word Study” boxes provide useful characteristics of key vocabulary like word families and words with multiple meanings.


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