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Awesome Phonics Adventures

Awesome Phonics Adventures

A phonics course with a plot! Why would kids want to learn to read ‘c, a, t, cat’? In Awesome Phonics Adventures, there is a cat that does kung fu and helps main characters Sam, Tim and Kim defeat the evil witches who keep locking everyone up in tins. Now that is a reason to read ‘c, a, t, cat’!

The catchy songs and the action-packed story in Awesome Phonics Adventures creates a desire to read in young learners right from the start!

This course is specifically designed for EFL students who need to build a foundation of essential vocabulary and grammar as a steppingstone to better reading.

This course uses the popular and well-organized framework of the Letters and Sounds Programme published by the British Department for Education and Skills. However, many courses that use this programme are in countries where English is the native language, and it includes a range of vocabulary that is overly challenging for EFL students. There are also a number of courses which help EFL learners to sound out letters, but they don’t provide the learners with genuine reading and writing practice. This course aims to eliminate these challenges by first presenting language holistically in the form of songs and stories. The learners then take it apart and learn how it works in order to use it in a meaningful context. This gives the learners the motivating experience of reading for fun right from the start!

Published by AAS Press


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