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Very Easy TOEIC 3/e

Very Easy TOEIC 3/e

Very Easy TOEIC® Third Edition is designed for beginning-level students of English who are just beginning to start their study of the TOEIC® test. The goal of this book is to familiarize students with the format of the test as well as grammar points and vocabulary commonly found on the test. The third edition includes the new question formats that were added to the test in 2016. Each unit in this book contains a vocabulary section, a clear concise grammar focus section, grammar exercises, and a Mini Test. Book 1 is meant to give test-takers a general idea of the test, with random topics presented in the mini tests. The focus in this book is on getting test-takers ready for the format of the test. However, in Book 2, the most common then themes are tested to help students narrow in on key vocabulary they will encounter during the test, particularly the listening section. Students most now consider themed vocabulary while also keeping in mind the format of the TOEIC® test.

Published by Compass


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