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Eiken Navi Grade 3

Eiken Navi Grade 3

Published: by Tryalogue Education

Focusing on Grade 3 of EIKEN test, this book is ideal for both students who want to study for the test, and for any Junior high school student wishing to improve their English skills. The book exposes students to everyday English vocabulary, grammar, and expressions. The four major skill areas of listening, reading, writing, and speaking are taught in each unit, making this the ideal study tool for a student looking for a well-rounded approach to studying English.

Each unit targets the following areas:

・Vocabulary acquisition: High frequency English words, phrases, and expression likely to be used on the test

・Listening: Practice activities that will only prepare students for the listening test but also for everyday English listening

・Reading: A variety of passages written in carefully grade language with related practice questions

・Writing: Scaffolded writing activities to build writing confidence and skill

・Speaking: Practice activities with tips to develop self-confidence and oral expression

・Mini-Test: EIKEN style practice questions for each of the sections of the Grade 3 test

Additional Features:

・Practice Test: A practice test included at the end of the book

・Audio: Available through Soundcloud or mp3 download

・Transcripts: Transcripts are available, so students can check there listening comprehension and ability to distinguish words

・Quizlet: For vocabulary practice

・Answer Keys: Answer keys and sample answers are available on request.

Published by Tryalogue Education

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