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Contact US!

Contact US!


Contact US! has been carefully developed to meet the needs of call center agents who require communication training. The course consists of 10 units with a total of about 100 hours of motivating and highly relevant training material. Units have been designed in a way that allows trainers to select materials flexibly from the book according to the needs of learners. The program has been developed by FuturePerfect Business English specialists.

Contact US! • Practices a unique blend of skills: active listening and speaking; understanding and managing soft skills; reading on screen and providing information; and developing intercultural understanding. • Caters for different learning styles and is highly communicative in approach. • Uses the Business Processing Language Assessment Scales (BUPLAS) to measure both communications gains and intercultural competencies. • Is strongly grounded in current research and draws on extensive experience with leading global call center and BPO organizations.

Published by Cambridge University Press


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