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Magic House

Magic House

jimmy sam jj
Jimmy’s Magic House Sam’s Magic House Jill and Jay’s Magic House
Sample Unit Sample Unit Sample Unit
Story Themes Story Themes Story Themes
Book 1
Insects, farm animals,
sea animals
Book 1
The family, forest
animals, birthday
Book 1
The bedroom, candy,
body parts, bath time
Book 2
The beach, the living
room, Halloween
Book 2
Fruit, weather,
vegetables, vehicles
Book 2
Zoo animals, getting
ready,the playground
Book 3
Toys/presents, nature,
Book 3
Verbs/adverbs, lunch,
body parts, health
Book 3
Games/toys, snacks
and dishes, feelings

Get kids speaking more…and LOVING IT!!  Do you want your students to speak more?  Do you want a curriculum that has built in parents lesson plans and videos on how parents can help at home?

Magic House books is the only curriculum for kindergarten and lower elementary that incorporates imaginative play and emotional positioning techniques so that kids want to speak more. Like teaching phonics and reading? Nuthouse high-frequency phonics system has been built into the curriculum so after 2 years kindergarten kids will begin reading the stories on their own.

Designed and tested for 5 years by a school owner who has 500 students (children) so he truly understands what it takes to make a small school successful. Are you ready for fun and more students? Nuthouse Education is ready to help you!

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