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Fun Phonics Readers

Fun Phonics Readers

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Fun Phonics Readers is a series of graded children’s phonics readers written to be used as both companion readers for the popular New Finding Out series of children’s English texts written by David Paul, or as stand alone graded phonics readers for any classroom of young learners.

Phonics, Language & Vocabulary

Fun Phonics Readers have been written so that every book contains a story matching the phonics, vocabulary or language structure of each unit of the respective Finding Out text. This accounts for 15 of the 20 stories in each book. The additional 5 stories are review stories spread throughout each book.


Fun Phonics Readers also include color-coding for phonically irregular words. Color-coding is incorporated to make phonetically irregular words easier for students to recognise, decode and for ease of reading and pronunciation.

Font & Illustrations

Illustrations account for a huge part of a reader. Well illustrated readers should stimulate the children and clearly illustrate the language they are intended to complement. The most effective illustrations will complement the language by clearly and unambiguously illustrating the meaning of the language it relates to.

When choosing a reader suitable for our school and students, we obviously want to choose a reader with a very simple, generic style font that is easy to understand and matches the writing style the students are learning. The font used in Fun Phonics Readers matches the font used in Finding Out, avoiding confusion for students.

Affordable School Reading Program

We found from our own experience (being school owners ourselves) that if we wished to implement a reading program in classes where all students were able to read the same stories in class at the same time, with all other readers on the market where individual stories were produced in individual books and then sold as sets, this meant that our school had to buy between 6 – 12 sets of each book. The cost of this can run into the thousands of dollars and become a huge expense for small schools.

This is why we have produced a set of books that contain 20 stories per book. For the majority of schools’ business models, it is very manageable to include one book per student per year in the students’ yearly text fee at a very reasonable price.

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