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21st Century Skills

Impact helps teenage learners to better understand themselves, each other, and the world they live in. By encouraging self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation, Impact motivates students to explore who they are and who they want to be, all while learning English!

* National Geographic Explorers are featured as role models who embody the 21st century skills and values teenagers need to become successful global citizens
* Cross-curricular topics engage learners with stimulating information about the world, better preparing them for future academic success
* Student-choice activities and projects present learners with options for language practice, allowing them to become active participants in the learning process

Learn English with National Geographic Explorers
National Geographic Explorers—photographers, scientists, artists, and more—are featured as real-life role models who are making a difference in the world.

Become Active Participants in the Classroom
Each unit of Impact contains:
* Language presentation and instruction
* Student-choice activities
* Video activities
* Mission pages
* Project work, and much more!


Download Sample Unit: Go to the Cengage Learning website

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