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Kids’ Classic Readers

Kids’ Classic Readers

This beautifully-illustrated series of classic tales for beginning readers is designed to be engaging, enjoyable and entertaining, as well as easily comprehensible. the series is full of classic stories from your favorite storytellers; Aesop, the Grimm brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, and many more.

The series helps beginning readers build comprehension in many ways. Each book introduces the special words needed for each story in a ‘before-you-read’ section, and the important words and phrases are also recycled and consolidated in a playlet based on the story at the end of the book.

Published by Seed Learning

See a sample: Click this link

Level Word Count CEF Level
1 150 Pre-A1
2 200 Pre-A1
3 225 Pre-A1
4 275 Pre-A1
5 300 Pre-A1
6 350 Pre-A1

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