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Foundations Reading Library

Foundations Reading Library


Foundations Reading Library is a series of colorful, high-interest, low-level readers written for grades 6-12. Carefully sequenced vocabulary and grammar are presented contextually through the adventures of a group of teens living in a small U.S. town. Language is practiced and recycled throughout each reader and across other readers in the collection.

* Seven levels with six readers per level, ranging from 75 to 350 headwords
* Full-color illustrations on each page to support comprehension
* American teenager’s story -adventure, drama, detective, and romance stories that capture teens’ interest
* Systematic recycling and extension of vocabulary, phrases, and expressions
* Carefully-controlled grammar points most typically taught at the low level
* Opportunities for reading practice and building reading fluency
* Activity Books (including tests), Lesson Planners, and an Audio Program for each level


Level Headwords CEF Level
Level 1 75 Pre-A1
Level 2 100 Pre-A1
Level 3 150 Pre-A1
Level 4 200 Pre-A1
Level 5 250 A1
Level 6 300 A1
Level 7 350 A1

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