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Scratch My Back

Scratch My Back

Scratch my back is a conversational card game for adults, and an exciting way to learn natural English.

It was created by Leon Butchers, who also produces the best-selling AGO Card Game series for children.

A game of Scratch My Back is a hilarious look into the art of persuasion that combines strategy and wordplay. Players enter into conversations guided by the cards in their hands. Points are scored by getting others to agree to your requests, talking your way out of trouble, and sometimes even by cooperating. It’s a little competitive and a lot of fun!

There are several games playable with the Scratch My Back deck. The easiest game versions are quick to learn and play, while the more challenging games require some strategy, luck and a quick wit. You’ll also need an upper intermediate understanding of English, and a sense of humor!

Included when you buy Scratch My Back:
108 high quality cards, in a plastic case with detailed instructions in English and Japanese.
Access to online tutorials and downloads, including classroom resources.

About the Game:
Scratch My Back is suitable for ages 12+ and requires two or more players.
There are several ways to play. Games take around 10 to 40 minutes (depending on the game version).

The cards contain over 200 natural English phrases.
An intermediate (or above) understanding of English is required.

Published by AGO

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