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Way To Go!

Way To Go!

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

For more information and to buy the materials: 

Contact Cameron North by email

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All enquiries and communication about shipping, payment etc. . . should be made directly with Cameron North

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Targeted for TOEIC levels 350-650, Way To Go! is a guided speaking and listening practice textbook and audio system that will effectively benefit both high school and university students. Using challenging yet attainable exercises, the textbook promotes a supportive atmosphere and full participation in the classroom. The complementary 12 hours of easy access online audio allows students to effectively study independently.

See Sample Units: Click Here

Price: ¥2180 + tax

Why use the Way To Go! Strategy?

  • • Guided speaking and listening practice
  • • Suitable for TOEIC levels 350-650
  • • Promotes full participation in classroom
  • • Creates positive and supportive atmosphere 
  • • Challenging and attainable exercises
  • • Effective for high school and university students
  • • Results in recognizable improvement
  • • Extensive vocabulary and sentence practice
  • • Easy to follow format for teacher and students
  • • High satisfaction for students
  • • Increases interest in English study

12 Hours Online Audio

  • • Allows for independent study
  • • Easy smartphone access anytime anywhere
  • • Tracking available for classroom management
  • • Effective vocabulary and expression listening practice
  • • Extensive guided speaking practice
  • • View matching text while listening
  • • Clear pronunciation
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