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Niki Education

Niki Education

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

For more information and to buy the materials: 

Contact Niki Education by email.

Go to the Niki Labs Education website.

All enquiries and communication about shipping, payment etc. . . should be made directly with Niki Education.

This is a free service to support ETJ members. If you are an ETJ member and have developed your own teaching materials, click here to contact Language Teaching Professionals about having your materials included on this site.


Maximize your students speaking time and have fun!

Who wants to play Babanuki? Come and play our super fun Babanukibet, filled with fun, phonics and babas!  A versatile game with lots of games and variations with one key purpose, to get students speaking.

The exciting new English card game with lots of varied games you can play.

With 4 sets of alphabet/phonic letters, you can achieve your whole class repeating and practising the whole phonic and alphabet system 4 times within 10 minutes! That’s incredible!

We will be adding videos to our website for you to get new ideas and ways to play.

From ages 3-7, and made for students who are just starting to learn and for students who need reading intervention.

We also have games from 1 student to a whole class! Exciting ways to play, with a strong focus on creating a solid foundation for reading.  More levels will be released in the future too.

Price: ¥950 + tax


The new exciting way to learn and practice phonics and the alphabet

“A fleet of battleShips incoming sir, your orders?”

~ “Prepare for phonic battle!”

BattleSpace, the new exciting way to learn and practice phonics and the alphabet. Two exciting ways to play, BattleShips and BattleSpace.

In Battleship, students choose a colour base card, they receive 4 planets, and 12 random phonic cards.  Students make 4×4 grids, then call a base and a coordinate (A1, B4, C3) and say any letters/phonic they see.  Students battle to destroy each others planets.

BattleSpace, great for large classes, students walk around with distributed cards, they ask for a colour, then turn over the cards.  They say the phonic/letter, and the student with the highest number in that same colour, is the winner, and students can take the other students cards, students walk around and continue to battle until all cards have been said.

Packs contain 2 sets of letters/phonics, 4×4 colour planets, 4 base cards, thats over 70 cards!

Can you conquer the universe?

Price: ¥1500 + tax

Crazy Racers

A brand new crazy phonics racing game

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, start your engines!

No no no, not a real car, in crazy racers! Come and play the brand new crazy phonics racing game from Niki Education!

Everytime you play, the game is totally different.  It comes with a complete set of letters with associated word sounding images, special cards that could put you anywhere on the track including monkeys in boats, giant pigs and elephants that want to be friends!  Each pack also contains 8 cars and 8 keys for extra mayhem!

Watch your students create their own track, on the desk, under the table, mix two packs for a super crazy game!

Check it out today!

(Always wear your seatbelt, abide by all car laws and don’t try to drive unless you have a license, and some gummy bears for the journey)

Price: ¥1500 + tax