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Nicky Sekino’s Books

Nicky Sekino’s Books

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Nouns Do Not Exist Naked

Nouns Do Not Exist Naked: This is a bilingual book written in Japanese and English. The major part is written in Japanese with English supporting what Japanese suggests. The book has a title in Japanese, which is名詞は裸で存在しない.

The contents are all about English writing. In short, it explains some writing rules like “write English like the water flow of a river.” This particular rule indicates the importance of the logical flow of English writing.

Since this book is for Japanese learners of English, who always care about English grammar, I mention the “waisted energy of following prescriptive grammar” and mention the “importance of following descriptive grammar.”

One highlight in the book is to write an English sentence in 15 or up to 20 words. In some instances the maximum length of 30 words per sentence is permissible.


Book: ¥1,100

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Do You Speak English?

Do You Speak English? This is a textbook book suited for Japanese university students. Some of the 14 chapters depict Japanese students who struggle to learn English. Many of them are somehow reluctant to study English. Some find the study of English fun. There are some chapters that discuss English teachers. Some of them are amateur teachers who only care about preserving their positions. Some serious teachers who genuinely teach English are also discussed.

The compilation policy of the book is real issues that the readers will identify with them. So, the readers will learn how to speak English with emotion.

This book is good for a semester. Each chapter is to be discussed in a week. English is a bit high for average students in Japanese universities.

One highlight in the book is to write an English sentence in


Book: ¥2,530

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