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Mastering English Language

Mastering English Language:

Types of Writing and Grammatical Concepts

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Mastering English Language is a workbook for both teachers and students. It contains various teaching strategies for educators as well as activities for learners. This book provides a simpler approach to learning English by making the learning process more student-centered, conversational and relatable. It is hoped that as you explore each chapter, you will have a better understanding of each topic.

This book has ample space for you to show what you have learnt in each chapter. It was created to offer you a great level of convenience as it is both a text book and a notebook. Enjoy completing the activities in the text as you advance to a stage of mastery


Book: $17 US

E-book: $6.99

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Measha Williams

Measha Williams is an educator who has been teaching since 2005. She has taught English language (CXC, SAT, GRE and GMAT). She has also taught Communication Studiies, English Literatures (CXC) and Literatures in English (CAPE). She derives great meaning from engaging individuals in thought provoking discourses as she believes great minds should always be stimulated to acquire greater insights and appreciate varied vantage points.

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