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Kindergarten CD

Kindergarten CD

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

For more information: Contact Troy Filipek by email.

Listen to sample songs Click here.

All enquiries and communication about shipping, payment etc. . . should be made directly with Troy Filipek.

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Kindergarten CD1 / CD-R and Text

Important point … THIS IS A MADE-AT-HOME CD-R!
And it’s very good quality!

• Very easy to follow and understand.
• Children can practice simple conversation, vocabulary, some phrases, and songs.
• Listen and repeat to fun drum beats or use for background music.
• Includes original and traditional songs.
• Can be used as a listening homework CD.
• Very durable, laminated textbook. The pages can be separated easily and used individually.
• Children can have fun learning by themselves at their own pace.

Components Include
• CD-R
• Laminated Textbook

People who purchase this CD can contact the author at any time for ideas on how to use it at home or in the classroom.

A message from Troy Filipek
I use this CD as part of my kindergarten curriculum. I teach small group classes and also large classes of up to 35 children and the children surprised me by often asking to do the CD again and again.

CD and TEXT together (not sold separately)
¥3,500 including postage.

Listen to Sample Songs: Click here