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Jim Jensen’s Materials

Jim Jensen’s Materials

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

For more information and to buy the materials: Contact Jim Jensen by email.

For support with teaching very young children: Go to the Ara-Kara English website

All enquiries and communication about shipping, payment etc. . . should be made directly with Jim Jensen.

This is a free service to support ETJ members. If you are an ETJ member and have developed your own teaching materials, click here to contact Language Teaching Professionals about having your materials included on this site.


Hearing the sounds is fundamental.

B4 enhances phonemic awareness.

b4 aims to teach the sounds of English. Based on the latest research into phonemic awareness, b4 exposes learners to the difficult sounds of English using:

  • • friendly faces
  • • songs
  • • tongue twisters
  • • animation and puppets is the website supporting b4. There is a lot of free material and members can get full access to all the material in the b4 videos.

Membership fee: $10. a year

b4 DVDs

A Set of 3 DVDs that focus on teaching the difficult sounds of English

A set of three DVDs that focus on teaching the difficult sounds of English. They train learners in phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear and identify phonemes. The title is inspired by the fact that before children learn to speak or read a second language, they should to be able to discriminate the language’s sounds. And, to do that, they must learn to discriminate the sounds. Phonemic awareness is not phonics, but can be taught concurrently to make phonics more effective.

Each DVD is aimed at a different age, so age appropriate songs, tongue twisters and stories are employed. The DVDs are designed to be used in classrooms or as homework, so parents are encouraged to watch with their children.

Length: Approximately 60 minutes. Price: ¥900

Serious Fun

Serious Fun is a low-intermediate to intermediate textbook. It teaches the four-skills with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Highly interactive, Serious Fun gets students talking about topics of academic and global importance. Each unit contains:

  • • Read and Exchange Information exercises
  • • Conversation Builders
  • • Practice with numbers and number related
  • • Vocabulary
  • • Dictations
  • • Readings


There are 12 units and each is supplemented by a video on Youtube. These can be used as homework or in class.

Price: ¥1,800

Youtube:  seriousfuntext


6AW is a free nine-part series of videos made for students of English and available on Youtube. Targeting high-beginners to intermediate students, the series is an interesting travel tale featuring an animated character. Each episode is under 10 minutes long. Quizzes are available for the asking.

These videos can be used in class or as homework. One suggestion is to assign them as homework and to give the quiz the following class. The quizzes are relatively easy and students who watch 3 or 4 times will do very well. These are a fun change of pace, free, and readily accessible on Youtube.

6AW 1 to 9 on Youtube: seriousfuntext

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