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Extensive Reading Cantral

Extensive Reading Central

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

For more information: 

Contact Rob Waring

Go to the website

See an introductory video

All enquiries and communication should be made directly with Rob Waring

This is a free service to support ETJ members. If you are an ETJ member and have developed your own teaching materials, click here to contact Language Teaching Professionals about having your materials included on this site.

ER-Central is a free website for people wanting to read or listen to English. There are thousands of FREE texts. Students can also learn vocabulary using science-based tools and games. Teachers can bulk register their students and download their data at any time. Tell your friends it’s COMPLTELY FREE!


* 1000’s of easy texts

* 20 levels

* Speed reading practice


* Over 1000 texts

* Read and Listen

* Comprehension check

Learn Words

* Word Learning Games

* Make your own wordlists

* Smart word cards

Text Helper

* Help you understand any webpage

* Find and learn words you don’t know

* Makes reading webpages easy

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