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class e games

class e games

Fun & Study

ETJ Member’s Teaching Materials

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Let’s Go Places

Lets go places

A Preposition and Geography Game

A board game for English learners of all levels as well as those fluent in English who want to improve their knowledge of national flags and the locations of countries on a map.

Contents: a game board, a die, four pawns, a “flag cheat sheet,” and 144 cards.

Players will have the opportunity to practice:

• Making complete sentences using 17 common prepositions

• Identifying 115 country flags and where the countries are located on a map

• Using articles (a and the) as well as singular and plural nouns properly

• Reading close to 100 nouns, over 75 of which are Dolch sight words

Price: ¥3,000

Keep it Going

keep it going

Contains 36 Double-sided Hexagonal cards: 36 Starter sentences/36 Conjunctions

Keep the conversation going by taking turns laying random Conjunction cards around a Starter card to make original stories.

See if you can recite the whole story by yourself once it’s complete! The opportunities for creating new stories are limitless! It all depends on your English skills. The more you play, the more you can learn new vocabulary from each other, thus improving your English!

Price: ¥800

Which Country?

Which Country

A Superlatives and World Trivia Game

Contains 65 cards. 6 sets. 57 questions and answers. 51 country flags.

Which country has the oldest city? …. imports the most wheat? … has the oldest bookstore?

Learn about countries around the world while practicing superlatives with these 6 sets of trivia games.

Price: ¥900

Get a Job!

Get a Job

A “Go Fish” game.  Perfect for learning 26 occupations.

Contains 52 cards: One set has sentences such as “I am a (photographer.)” The other set has sentences such as “I (take photographs.)”

Students practice occupations by asking questions such as, “Are you a (photographer)?” or “Do you (take photographs)?” If the player they ask has that card, they must answer “Yes, I am” or “Yes, I do.” The player asking can then make a pair saying, “I am a photographer. I take pictures.” If they can’t make a match, they must “Get a job!” (take one card from the draw pile.) The game continues until a player has no more cards left.

Price: ¥800

Where’s the Cat?

Where's the cat

For beginners! Contains one cat figurine and 36 cards: two sets of 18 prepositions. One set contains pictures and words. The other set contains only pictures.

Students learn prepositions by placing a small cat figurine around the box while forming basic sentences such as “The cat is in the box. Afterwards, play a slap game, a missing game, and/or a memory (concentration) game with the cards the students have learned.

Price: ¥1,500