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English Firsthand 5th Edition

English Firsthand 5th Edition

English Firsthand is the best-selling oral communication series that has been supporting ELT teachers and students for more than 25 years. It helps students build success and confidence through hands-on active learning. The series was designed to help students learn English by using English. It provides (1) realistic language models (2) personalized and motivating tasks (3) sufficient language support (vocabulary, grammar, and functional phrases) and (4) opportunities to communicate personal information, opinion and ideas.

English Firsthand’s MyMobileWorld
English Firsthand’s MyMobileWorld (MMW) is a complete Learner Management System that connects to your students’ cellphone or any other device. It sends results to you instantly (no more grading papers!) while giving learners extra vocabulary and listening practice (even more than is in the book), full access to 3 videos per unit and much more. Important fact: It was designed by English teachers who are techies! They know what is important. And the MMW version of Firsthand only costs 200 yen more than the “minus MMW” version. Great value for money.

Whiteboard Videos Supporting English Firsthand
Video 1: Click here
Video 2: Click here
Video 2: Click here

Published by Pearson

Download Sample Units: Click this link

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