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11:00-11:15 Open Message (Ryan Hagglund)

11:15-12:00 Let’s Get Moving (Kathy Kampa)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:45 Building Phonics Skills Through Minicards and MY English Pal 1 (Ryan Hagglund)

13:55-14:40 Get Kids Speaking Naturally while Building Your School Fast (Scott Crowe)

14:50-15:35 Elementary School Lesson in Action (David and Amy Long)

15:45-16:15 Sign language and how it can help with new language acquisition in small children (Marina Ianus)


Kathy Kampa


‘Let’s Get Moving’

Presenter: Kathleen Kampa Vilina


Do your young learners love to sing and move? Join Kathy Kampa as she shares activities and strategies that will bring energy and enthusiasm to your physical or online classroom. See how music and movement can build English language skills, support classroom management, nurture SEL, and grow whole body skills.


Kathy Kampa is an ELT author, songwriter, and teacher trainer. She has over 30 years of teaching experience with young learners in Japan and the US.

Ryan Hagglund


‘Building Phonics Skills Through Minicards and MY English Pal 1’

Presenter: Ryan Hagglund


Increased practice and interaction with phonics can help students more quickly become proficient learners and users of English. This presentation will focus on ways to help our students better develop their phonics skills using phonic Minicards and MY English Pal 1.


Ryan Hagglund is owner of MY English School.  He first came to Japan in 1998 and has 2 MAs in education and is a certified teacher.

Scott Crowe


‘Get Kids Speaking Naturally while Building Your School Fast’

Presenter: Scott Crowe


The needs of business and education can often conflict.  Adding some key elements to your curriculum can not only get kids enjoyably speaking more naturally and writing confidently but also allow for more flexible scheduling which is key to growing a school quickly.  Rewarding lessons, fulfilling lifestyle.


Co-founder of a successful chain of schools and now founder of a new brand of schools, an innovator in language teaching and the author of 16 textbooks utilizing his 23 years of teaching experience.

Dave and Amy Long


‘Elementary School Lesson in Action’

Presenters: Dave and Amy Long


See inside the Dave and Amy classroom. See how our students use games, flashcards and texts to learn reading, writing, speaking and listening in fun, effective and student focused activities. We’ll watch short video clips of our students and go through the small points that ensure thorough learning.


Dave and Amy wrote the My English Book and Me (Kindergarten 1 and 2 / Elementary 1 to 4) texts and made Dave and Amy Games (games and flashcards to accompany each text). They have 4 schools in Saitama City where they have lived since 1996 with their 2 kids.

Mariana Ianus


Sign language and how it can help with new language acquisition in small children

Presenter: Marina Ianus


The presentation focuses on the practical and beneficial effects of the introduction of sign language during lessons or day to day activities in the classroom of small children that are just starting to learn verbal language or a foreign language.


Have a BA in economics and lived in Japan since 2010. Worked for various companies as a translator/interpreter using English, Japanese and Russian. Started working in MY from 2021 and currently teaching the smallest grade (2-3 years old).