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Support for Independent Publishers

David Paul

There are two ways that Language Teaching Professionals supports independent publishers. One is a free service for members of ETJ who send out materials from home or school or just sell through Amazon and who don’t use a third-party publisher or Japan distributor. The second service is this group that has been made possible with the kind support of Ryan Hagglund of My Learning. This group is not free because it includes warehousing and distribution.

If you are interested in these services, this is how to find out more:

Free Service
You can see information on ETJ members’ materials at
Contact for more information:

My Learning / ET Book Service Group
Contact for more information:

Ryan Hagglund

MY Education is a part of MY English School, a language school with over 1,200 students over schools in Yamagata and Hyogo Prefectures. We are supporting the Independent Publishers through acting as an intermediary with Nellie’s, supporting and coordinating promotional events, and providing space for the storage of materials.

The goal is to give teachers and school owners who publish their own materials the support and structure they need to make their materials available to other schools, doing so at as reasonable of a cost as possible. We want to do all this while supporting quality teacher education in the process. Our involvement will hopefully allow the number of Independent Publishers to grow and help improve the level of English education in Japan overall.