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ME Learning

Japan Schools

Would you like to start your own school?

Modern English can help

Based on the success of our head school in Korien, Osaka, Modern English is expanded via franchises. The most enjoyable way to earn a good salary and have job satisfaction is to be self-employed. The English language industry in Japan has relatively high rates of return and any owner-operator who employs no other teaching staff except themselves will maximise this return.

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Mobile App Development

Happy Valley Words

Learn words and phonics through an engaging game

Happy Valley Words teaches basic English vocabulary words and sounds (phonics) through an engaging game. It uses an SRS (spaced-time repetition software) system that recycles the least known words into the game more frequently, ensuring rapid improvement.

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Modern English Publishing

Happy Valley

A complete course for young children

A 3-level course for children from 2 to 6 years old

Happy Valley is designed for kids as old as 6 or as young as 2 who come with a parent. The Student Book contains 10 Units, plus 5 review activities. Each unit includes a story as told by the characters and narrator, chants and songs for all vocabulary, a simple dialogue to get kids talking in simple phrases and a variety of activities to do in class.

Student Books

Workbooks with CDs

Phonics Books






Teacher Sets


Student Sets


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