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KIdzStory: Frequently Asked Questions

The felt figures come either un-cut or pre-cut.
What is the difference between un-cut and pre-cut?
If you order un-cut felt, the images (figures) will come to you printed on a single sheet of felt. This is a very economical way of ordering as you can cut out the figures yourself using a sharp pair of scissors and save on the cutting costs.

Pre-cut means we cut out the figures for you so that they are ready to use. In most cases pre-cut figures will include a border of a few millimeters around the actual image.

The backgrounds come either un-mounted or mounted.
What is the difference between an un-mounted and mounted background?
Un-mounted backgrounds are loose sheets of printed or plain felt. To use an un-mounted background you can simply place it on an existing felt board. The sheet will cling to the board and stay there until you remove it. This way you can use many different backgrounds on the same felt board. Alternatively you can permanently mount the background onto a board yourself.

Mounted felt backgrounds are sheets of printed (or plain) felt that are fixed to a coroplast board using adhesive spray and taped at the back. (See How to make a felt board page on the web site to get an idea of how this is done.)

Is a background/board included with every set?
Some sets include figures and a background. Some sets only include figures. Please check the product description. The ‘figures only’ sets can be used on mounted background purchased separately. This makes it cheaper for you because you are only buying one board that you can use with many sets.