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A message from David Paul


The ET Book Service is key to ensuring that ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) can continue as a free association for supporting English teachers in Japan.

For the first ten years, the central administration and national coordination of ETJ was taken care of by my school, David English House. Since I and my school went bankrupt in 2010, I have been doing all this myself without an office, and have been very happy to do this. It has been wonderful to see how much support ETJ has been able to provide for teachers. But, I am getting older, and it is important now to try and build up a structure that can support ETJ which others can take over when I become too old and senile to do it. This plan has some way to go, but I hope I have some way to go, too. The success of the ET Book Service is the key to making this possible.

The ET Book Service also supports ETJ members in various ways. ETJ members with self-developed materials can sell materials through this site without paying any commission. Members who have reached the stage of needing warehousing and distribution may be able to do this with the kind support of Nellie’s at a very discounted rate. Even in these cases, Language Teaching Professionals takes no commission for providing marketing support.

This is a service. Please take advantage of it, and I would be very grateful for any help spreading the word about it.